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transportationTraveling longer distances appears to get shorter and shorter the more I age.

It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is a plane, ship or car (or train I suppose). I’ve noticed while recently flying transcontinental, or when being cooped up in an automobile for nearly 8 hours. Whether I’m actively driving, navigating or simply and passively just sitting there – the waiting bothers me less with each passing year.

As a fairly impatient person – this surprises me. As an A+ personality-type who ALWAYS arrives early, is always neurotic about planning, and is always in need of being “in control” – one would think that all of the delays associated with transiting and travel would wreck havoc with my coping mechanisms.

In truth, I’m not the most pleasant person to be with during the start of these sojourns — but once I’m underway, little rattles me (ok….maybe air turbulence, etc.). It is, however, in the preparation and initial departure that I’m a wreck. And for those unlucky folks around me during these times — I apologize profusely again and again.

If only I could get the front end of these trips to mimic what happens during the middle and on the back end – I think I’ll be approaching a more, self-actualized existence.

For now – transiting is getting easier.


One day they’re biting the next day they’re not…

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FullSizeRenderI’m sure that there’s a metaphor for fishing and business. There has to be. Maybe something like:

“A company is like a fishing expedition. It has to coordinate a series of complicated decisions, processes, and actions in order to catch and deliver its fish.”

Well today’s morning fishing expedition produced much action, but little production.

On the other hand, my music/entertainment/mentoring business continues to develop and rapidly solidify as I broaden my domestic (USA) customers to reach across the pond toward Europe and the Pacific Rim. There are simply great people all over the world and many understand my desire to help make a contribution to their goals and objectives.

And while the fish weren’t biting in nearby waters this morning, they certainly are in more distant channels relating to the music industry. I’m very blessed to have the opportunity to work with others – no matter the venue, locale or time zone.

Of course, much of this music business stuff is lost on our daughter. She simply wants to haul in another half dozen or so red snapper, even though the waters aren’t ripe with them today. Our daughter could care less about overseas markets, conversion rates, time zone differences – let alone translation, project scope and deliverable time frames.

In the end – to her – fishing is fishing. And today is her birthday – and what twelve year old girl really cares how her father serves his customer base – particularly if he’s likening it to fishing?!?!

To me, however, there’s an unusual similarity. 

And in the end, I am most fortunate to ply my trade as a Producer – Engineer/Mixer – Composer/Arranger and not an angler.

Another Day In Paradise

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I never EVER take for granted how lucky I am to have been born, raised, and now returned to living in the Tropics.

Took our daughter fishing today. And while plucking red snapper from the waters (something I’m reticent to do as a Vegan), she was in love with the sport of it. (Don’t ask me what she ate for dinner – I had broccoli and salad).

Needless to say, and while on Holiday celebrating what will soon be her 12th Birthday, we enjoyed yet another day in paradise.

Wish you were here….

What The Heck?

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Yup. It’s been a while.

A long while (Since June 2013, to be exact).

But who’s counting?

Well – I’m determined to keep this BLOG in better shape starting now. Why?

It’s time for me to keep my customers, fans, friends, and family better informed (and permit me yet another creative outlet).

So rather than simply dumping more Tweets, FaceBook, FaceTime, Messenger (etc., etc.) items into the “cloud”, I’ll add the blogosphere back to my to-do lists.

Today’s blog is more of a welcome back. If you’re an oldie wondering where I’ve been, my aim is to catch you up. If you’re new – well – welcome and be prepared for little snippets of “something” that I’ll hope to add in here at least every day – if not once a week.

I promise.

More to! follow!

Peaee and love,



“Lieutenant Dan, what are you doing here?”

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My dear friend Jeff Berlin sent me a picture of Gary Sinise (Lieutenant Dan Taylor from the 1984 Tom Hanks’ Movie FOREST GUMP). Mr. Sinise – who is a remarkable actor, philanthropist AND bass player – is holding one of the records that I mixed and produced.

It’s an honor Lt. Dan to have you pictured holding our CD. Thank you.

First Review – Low Standards

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Here is the great news about the Jeff Berlin CD which I produced, engineered and masterd:

A Five Star Review.

How cool is that.

Congrats to Jeff, Mike, Richard and everyone at Random Act Records.


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It has been some time in the making, but the artful work of Jeff Berlin’s record: LOW STANDARDS – is released today. I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to Produce, Mix and Master this work and trust that you’ll enjoy listening to it.

You can listen to and find out more about the music at Random Act Records.