I’m proud that I’m not the least expensive producer, engineer or composer/arranger in the market. I believe the value of my deliverables and the way in which I provide services and products far outstrips the fee my customers pay. That I consistently deliver on time and often under budget is something that my customers applaud me for consistently.

But today, I lost a prospective customer due to several reasons: distance, budget and time-frame. While I’m not moaning about the loss of income, it’s the opportunity of working with this up-and-comer that was most upsetting. This particular singer-songwriter is someone you’ve likely not heard of, and depending upon how her marketing goes – you may never hear of her.

However, it was her spirit, talent and uniqueness that drew me in as a fan from the get-go. Interestingly enough, this artists pointed out the importance to contain and control this project was critical (I completely understand and applaud this), and while it would be a “dream to work with me”, the artist authentically did the right thing and bowed out before we even had pre-production meetings.

Because COMFORT of my artists and students is critical to me (on all wavelengths), I applaud this artist for having the maturity to make this decision now – rather than mid-stream/mid-project.

In the end, what seems like a loss is actually a blessing for everyone. And the opportunity to make a difference on a future project is left intact.

And I appreciate this!


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