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It’s Been Way Too Long…

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Hello dear readers….


I know… I know – it’s been forever since the last post. Here’s a “short” list of what’s been happening, in no particular order. I plan on “fleshing-out” each of the items below in future posts…but for now, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Aug 23, 2011 – major residential flood occurring in the middle of the night (3 a.m.) that sent our family, work schedule, and life into a tailspin. Demolition, remediation, rebidding occurs (and is now in its’ 19th month!!!) after a long battle with the home insurance company – yes we prevailed. Studio stays open the entire time as it was only 1 of 2 rooms/spaces in the entire complex that thankfully remained unscathed.
  • Major project for Random Act Record Label –  with Jazz Legend/Electric Bassist JEFF BERLIN – due to drop in early April. Producer, Mixer and Mastering Engineering credits with an unbelievable line-up (Mike Clark of Herbie Hancock’s HEADHUNTERS and Richard Drexler on both piano and upright bass). An album worth regarding – this is absolutely a ARTWORK!
  • Finished tracking earlier this month in Orlando with A SCARLLETT HORROR – a fabulous group of mega-talented metal musicians, lead by drummer/songwriter/arranger Michael Sprouls. We spent the week at the great Phat Planet Studios and had a ball with their staff, acoustics and super-high fidelity API Legacy Console, Vintage Microphones and Analog Gear. What a treat.
  • Working with Sri Lankan-born Navaka Fernando on his upcoming, yet to be titled – release. His rare breed of guitar talent, song-craft and wordsmith is a throw-back to the soft-rock and driving music of the 1970-80s. Stay tuned for the Production-Mixing-Mastering work that’ll be available online soon.
  • Killing it in the studio with Scott Walters working on Bluegrass and re-harmonized Beatles, Originals and Latin/Jazz tunes at PMR Studio. It’s great fun, an education, and hilarious – and I do mean hiLARious times hanging with Scott. One wicked smart dude, over-the-top wit, and a hell of a musician too.
  • Mentoring the heck out of my former students and new clients is fun, fun, fun! It’s a trip to “pay it forward” by helping graduate (Dartmouth), undergraduate (Berklee, University of Miami, N.E. Conservatory, Northeastern, NYU, Georgia Tech, etc.), and working professionals (studios, hardware and software mfgs., and sound/video contractors). Not only is it rewarding – it keeps me sharp, focused on making a contribution, and feeling grateful.
  • In progress on a variety of demos from Rick Kupfer, Christie Decara, and Melissa Knoop – all of whom have dedicated their craft to bringing their brand of art to the studio. It’s an honor to memorialize their work, and have a hand in their production, mixing – and even co-writing. Thanks to one and all.
  • Recently, I’ve been mentoring K.J. Hoffman in the studio. Prior to his current “gap year”, K.J.’s been a student, composer, and performer – turned Assistant Producer. He’s been on-location with me, as well as holding down the fort at PMR Studios on a variety of projects (see below)…and my gig wouldn’t be nearly as fun or productive without his presence. Thanks R.D. (inside joke…forthcoming)!
  • PMR’s undergone a few changes: we’ve replaced the entire foundation (literally twice with new flooring – first bamboo substructure, and more recently a complete rip-up that now has 1″ of sound-reading/de-coupling with black hickory “midnight” for a major daring look. The ceiling’s been re-hung, new electrical lighting and discrete power circuits have also been installed. We gained an additional 30 square feet of space, tuned out or walls by removing all parallel surfaces, and even installed a silent Mitsubishi HVAC unit.
  • From a “toy” standpoint, we’ve kept things moving with Waves Mercury – installing the latest and greatest upgrades through Version 9 and the most recent Artist Series plugs from the great Manny Maroquin. The Non-Linear Summer and SSL upgrades have been heralded as a major reason customers dig our mixes – providing that killer “analog” warmth that seems to get lost with all the “in the box” mixing.
  • Our Tannoy monitoring system has been augmented by replacing the Yamaha NS10s with Yama’s new HSM80s and the matching Subs (HS10Ws). Wow – talk about brilliant redesigns with more clarity and transparency. When coupled with our new ConEQ system (my latest endorsement – thank you so much everyone at Real Sound Labs)….you can’t beat the acoustic match. Sound now doesn’t emanate from the drivers – it appears in a space just in front of you. A world-class soundstage with real – “what you put in is what you get out” – sonics.
  • Still digging all the new toys from Native Instruments. Our Kore 2 (discontinued), Maschine, Komplete Ultimate and extra add-on libraries and plug-ins are utilized on nearly every session in one cool way or another. Major time savers, these applications and systems are at the vanguard of increased workflow and superior sound.
  • My newest and latest find is from Acustica Audio. I’ll keep you in suspense about this one….(sure, you can go and Google it if you want). Needless to say, I am quickly becoming a major fan of Vectorial Volterra Kernels.
  • Other odds and ends: We flipped the console on its back. Two new Lava Lamps arrived. Major painting and refinishing about to occur in the control room. And you wouldn’t believe that we now have almost the hippest studio bathroom on the planet (people go in and sometimes never want to leave)….I know….pretty trippy.

That’s it for now. Hoping to get back to the details after a few sessions are finally wrapped up.


Stay tuned and thanks.