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Off to the races

Posted in Uncategorized on June 12, 2012 by davidruttenberg

OK…So ProTools 10 is now functional within the confines of our studio. This means that:

1. We’re passing audio through the system (at least in playback mode).

2. All plug-ins and VIs appear to be running well with no significantly latency issues.

3. All controlk surfaces (except my iPhone jog wheel app) are working nominally.

4. We’ve yet to confirm that our mic pres and the Euphonix channel strips are operational. Too, we’ve not yet connected the MIDI gear to see if we can drive internal VIs from external hardware. Lastly, we’ve not tapped out or line inputs to determine if any of our external musical hardware will pass audio through the system.

We will get to this in the coming week – and hopefully begin shooting video for the upcoming Smooth Jazz CD channel that appears on YouTube.

Stand by…yesterday was a productive day and – again – we’d like to thank the champions at Sweetwater Sound and Avid…so..THANK YOU!