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My new toy…

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Definitely a different kind of maSchine (1.5 to be exact).

Huge library (15,000+ samples). Great tagging system. Super fast. Kits that work. And go on and on and on.

Very adaptable, and programmable in a variety of different manners. Old skool, new wave, write, draw, tap, super sensitive pads – and really cool lights that make for mixing in the dark a neat endeavor.

Still working out a few kinks and building it into the Logic Pro Studio environment (takes a while).

Onboard and system/file sampling is great – super fast. Integrated hardware and software editing and composing is dynamite. Looping and slicing is cake. Built for live performance too, though I doubt I will ever use that part of the gear.

Sounds awesome and even has MPC emulation for that timeless (less than pristine) sound.



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About one week ago, I travelled to Baltimore in order to say goodbye to my brother-in-law Kenneth S. Girard. He had passed away unexpectedly, as many of you know.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn of how much impact Ken had on others in his community. The outpouring of love and respect from his friends and co-workers (along with his family) was simply astounding. I was able to meet many of the people with whom he encountered, touched, assisted and mentored before, during and after his memorial service.

If it is true that when one life ends another begins, I can also attest to another surprise that occurred during the hours I spent in Maryland. I instantly gained several new and wonderful members to my family. These included incredible nephews (all of whom are world-class individuals – at least to my way of thinking), and their equally exceptional parents (my sister- and brother-in-law). The warmth, caring, fawning over, and genuine interest made for one incredible and memorable event.

At his memorial service, many individuals spoke of how Ken was always willing to forgive. And while I’ve never been proud of the few grudges I’ve held in my life, I learned that Ken was absolutely correct. The premium one receives by simply “letting go” and allowing things to be far exceeds all the angst, energy and effort required to sustain concern over seemingly petty matters.

I witnessed both a passing and a birth that weekend. And I know that Ken was and is also witnessing all of this amazed at how, even from beyond life, he’s positively influenced and made a difference in so many lives – including my very own.

Thank you Ken. Thank you Suzy. And thank you Team Robinson for all that you’ve done.

Charming and Disturbing

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There is something equally charming and disturbing about the Russian Space Program. I love that everybody gets along for the betterment of the human race, science, astrophysics, etc. But when you look at all of the technology that goes into what these brave men and women do, and then view the video below…isn’t the whole landing sequence a bit out of place in comparison to everything else that goes on?

Witness the way that the astro- and cosmonauts are forced to endure freezing temperatures in the desert where the land. And how they are simply covered up in blankets, and forced to pose in what appears to be lazyboy recliners. And then, to cap it all off, they are transported – not unlike the Egyptians of antiquity – on the backs of locals to (what can only be surmised) as a glorious Russian Thanksgiving Dinner replete with borscht, stuffed cabbage and caviar.

Now I ask you: is this anyway to treat a space hero?

Breaking News….Our Prayers Have Been Answered

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Randy Shannon

Image via Wikipedia

So long Randy Shannon.

We knew thee well.

Who is next?

Let’s go Hurricanes.

A Vintage NEOTEK?

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Image by loudestnoise via Flickr

Those of you who really know me will understand why I’ve included a link to this article. Those of you who can’t remember my first gig out of college will undoubtedly be scratching your heads.

Something to be thankful for…

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Image representing Kiva as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

I’ve been watching for some time and decided – what better time than now – to get involved.

So during this Thanksgiving Holiday, why not take a look at this website, sign up, lend $25 or more (which will be repaid to you) and make a difference to someone halfway around the world.

Thank you!

Vomitory. Thank goodness.

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When I read this, I just had to share the news.

Now the world is at peace.