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Great session yesterday

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Just a quick note to thank Morgan for her incredible chops yesterday.

Yeah, she’s a newbie – but this chick can rock!

Standby…you’ll be hearing from her in the coming months.


Authenticity at its best

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Michael Brecker Munich July 2001

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We really lost an incredible gentleman when Michael Brecker left our midst. Here’s a brief excerpt of a video interview in which the master talks about influences and developing their own sound.

So Get Off His Back

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Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...

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In keeping with the political slant of this blog (well, at least for the past 48 hours)…I present for your review and enjoyment the following:

Thanks to my brother-in-law Roy for his contribution.

And I mean no disrespect?

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C’mon sir….how can you say this?

(Thanks to Mark Schaffel for the slap in the forehead…)

P.S.: If you haven’t voted early yet – please get out there…and don’t miss your chance to be heard. Tell candidates like this what you really think by casting your important vote.

I’m On A Horse….No…Cow

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Sesame Street

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A big thanks to my bright, talented, gorgeous, and yes – funny – student Melissa Walters who supplied me with this amazing video.

It is her favorite, and it is fast becoming mine as well.


This one’s for Norman…

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Last Saturday night I attended a private party (a Luau for my sister).

A fine gentleman commented on my posts (both here on this blog and linked elsewhere on my Website, Twitter and Facebook accounts). He mentioned that he “enjoyed reading my posts…” but that he had “absolutely no idea what I was writing about half of the time…”

I was curious and went back to my archives and realize that there is quite a bit of technical and personal items. So I decided with this post to dedicate it to Norman and provide a simple picture indicating a brief, but poignant moment in my life. I’m certain that it will not raise any questions, and be abundantly clear what was occurring when the photograph was taken.

Please enjoy, and thank you Norman for the inspiration.

They’re Back….

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If you loved the band from Boston like I did (when I was growing up…), you’ll be pleased to read the following