New website

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It’s about time…I’ve just launched both a new desktop FLASH website and MOBILE website. Check them out at and let me know what you think.





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This past week, my wife and I have been enjoying a very special wine from Italy – a Super Tuscan provenance from the Brunello di Montalcino variety. Those who follow me on FaceBook may have seen the post.

Enjoying this wine is always a treat, a rarity, and always a special event. This week we did so mostly by accident…the reasons aren’t important. It did however give me cause to think about the man that introduced me to the grape.

When I was just out of university, living and working in the Midwest, I met a titan of the Recording Studio Industry. A small-framed, character of a man name Murray Allen of Universal Recording Studios Corporation (R.I.P.!) was kind enough to not only purchase millions of dollars of equipment from me and the Japanese company I represented, he dined with me one night at his favorite Italian eatery.

Cognitive Italian Cafe and Market are no longer in downtown Chicago (having moved North to the posh suburb Wilmette, IL (think Ferris Bueller); however, in its heyday, they served sumptuous hand-crafted meals with astonishingly great wine. Murray insisted that I order this bottle to celebrate his latest equipment acquisition from our Company, and indeed – it was a magical wine. Hints of strawberry, coffee, chocolate – just an amazing compliment to the meal.

I haven’t been back to Chicago since the early 2000s, but I think of Murray often. There was no one like him, and the wine he exposed me to, was equally singular. Thank you friend. I miss you still.

Best laid plans…

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Short blog today…

Been under the weather, hence my drop-offs regarding Blogs.

New posts coming. Stand by…


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I’m proud that I’m not the least expensive producer, engineer or composer/arranger in the market. I believe the value of my deliverables and the way in which I provide services and products far outstrips the fee my customers pay. That I consistently deliver on time and often under budget is something that my customers applaud me for consistently.

But today, I lost a prospective customer due to several reasons: distance, budget and time-frame. While I’m not moaning about the loss of income, it’s the opportunity of working with this up-and-comer that was most upsetting. This particular singer-songwriter is someone you’ve likely not heard of, and depending upon how her marketing goes – you may never hear of her.

However, it was her spirit, talent and uniqueness that drew me in as a fan from the get-go. Interestingly enough, this artists pointed out the importance to contain and control this project was critical (I completely understand and applaud this), and while it would be a “dream to work with me”, the artist authentically did the right thing and bowed out before we even had pre-production meetings.

Because COMFORT of my artists and students is critical to me (on all wavelengths), I applaud this artist for having the maturity to make this decision now – rather than mid-stream/mid-project.

In the end, what seems like a loss is actually a blessing for everyone. And the opportunity to make a difference on a future project is left intact.

And I appreciate this!

Back From Holiday

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So today is the first full-fledged day back in the studio – and I actually won’t get into the nitty gritty until around 2pm. The paperwork in the office (the lovely admin part) started earnestly at sunrise and then a break for swimming (1500+ meters) and then a lunch meeting took place.

Strangely enough, a long-lost client contacted me for a prospective co-write and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity. Even more odd is that I had thought of him a few days ago whilst watching the making of WE ARE THE WORLD – particularly during the Bruce Springsteen portion (as this client is a huge fan).

That’s it for the moment. Stay tuned for more drudgery!

Happy Bday To The Smartest Person I Know

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Next to our daughter, my nephew Seth is the smartest person in our family. He turns 21 today.

A stellar scholar at university, popular, good-hearted, handsome and witty – Seth is the epitome of all-around goodness and greatness.

A man of few words and many deeds, he is someone I highly respect, cherish and look up to. Most importantly – he is a beacon to our daughter and if you think I care deeply for him – SHE leaves me in the dust by comparison with regard to her admiration and adoration for him.

I know I speak for everyone in my family when I say I LOVE YOU Seth!



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It seems like they come in three’s (like some other foreboding occurrences).

This week/weekend was filled with 3 days and tons of travel to get to both. From the Florida Keys to Wellington through Palm Beach and “Going Back to Miami” (up and down 4 times) – we put on a ton of miles.

Most important part – it’s always important and great to celebrate with FAMILY and friends.

Loved hanging with everybody. And, of course:

Happy birthday Phoebe, Carly and Seth!